3C Rotary Feeder

3C Rotary Feeder

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Technical Reports

Processing Technology

E1 Important factors of influence during plastics recycling process with samples from PET bottle flakes recycling

E2 New production potential for PET processors with the innovative MRS Extrusion Technology

E3 PET bottle to bottle recycling with MRS Extrusion Concept

E4 PET thermoforming sheet manufacture with MRS Extrusion System

E5 PET Nonwoven manufacture with MRS Extrusion Concept

E6 Staple fibers manufacture with MRS Extrusion Concept

E7 PET Strapping tape manufacture with MRS Extrusion System

E8 The MRS Extrusion concept in the recycling of Polyolefins

E9 Modular industrial waste recycling concept with MRS Extruder

E10 Online Viscometer VIS, a case study

E11 Closed loop recycling of post-consumer PET thermoformed pots, tubs and trays

Filteration Technology

F2 The RSFgenius, fully-automatic filtration of plastic melts

F3 The SFXmagnus, a filtration system for the process-constant and cost-efficient Filtration

F4 Quality improvement during the manufacture of uniaxially- and biaxially-oriented film

F5 Constant quality of sheet, film and tapes

F8 Processing PET bottle flakes into Nonwoven, filtration with Rotary Filtration Systems

F9 Process constant melt filtration in blown film manufacture

F10 Polymerisation/ raw material manufacture, processing technical requirements on filtration Systems

F11 Spunbond manufacture, process optimisation by melt Filtration

O3 Compounding with process constant melt Filtration

O5 Gas pipe manufacture, quality assurance through melt Filtration

O11 Process optimisation in the manufacture of Spandex or Elastane dope

O16 Foam sheet extrusion, uniform foam structure, efficient production through melt Filtration

O20 Filtration systems as static mixers in the processing of plastic melts

O24 ABS-Compounding, processing technical requirements on filtration systems

O27 Foam sheet manufacturing, increased efficiency using Rotary Filtration Systems

Measurement Technology

M1 NTX-Technology pressure transducers, environmentally-friendly innovations for higher precision and improved cost Efficiency

M2 Melt pressure sensors with IO-Link technology

Recycling Technology

R3 Processing of post-consumer PS packaging