Gneuss’ MRS Extrusion Technology has proven itself as an alternative for the reprocessing of contaminated materials like polyester, polystyrene, polypropylene or polyethylenes. In combination with the highly efficient Gneuss Rotary Filtration Systems and optimized vacuum technology, customizable recycling lines tailor-made for a specific material can be engineered. Several Letters of Non Objection (LNOs) from the FDA, EFSA conformity and local approvals in Latin America confirm the decontamination efficiency of the technology.

3C Rotary Feeder

The newly developed 3C Rotary Feeder makes it possible to use low bulk density materials without any external processing steps. A conveyor belt feeds shredded reclaim material into the hopper, where a fast-rotating disc with knives cuts, compacts and pre-conditions the material. The knives add energy into the material and start the heating and degassing process before the material is automatically fed into the MRS extruder.

MRS extruderthroughput rate           
PET250 – 2.000 kg/h                

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OMNIboost Recycling System including polyreactor JUMP

The OMNIboost Recycling system has a polyreactor JUMP, which can lift the IV value of a PET melt up to 0.95 dl/g. In the JUMP the polymer passes over several slow turning elements which create a polymer film, the surface of which is constantly renewed. The reactor vessel is kept under vacuum, through which volatile substances are reliably removed. By regulating the residence time in the reactor, the vacuum, the fill level and the speed of rotation of the agitating devices, the polycondensation reaction can be altered to achieve the required product properties. The JUMP is a robust and reliable liquid state polycondensation system (LSP) and a compact, quick and efficient alternative to conventional solid state systems (SSP). It enables direct reintroduction of the polymer into the production process without the need to remelt the PET.

Example of an OMNIboost recycling system


Technical options:

  • Blending of additives
  • Highly efficient, process-constant fine filtration
  • Individually configured feeding systems, including the
    Gneuss 3C Rotary Feeder

Advantages of the OMNIboost:

  • Even input materials which are fluffy, have a low bulk density and are generally not free flowing can be processed
  • The Gneuss 3C Rotary Feeder ensures gentle compaction of light materials with minimum heat input
  • Efficient IV boosting with extremely short residence time in the melt phase
  • Control of the residence time in the IV booster ensures consistently high viscosity and therefore consistently high mechanical properties of the final product
  • Extremely compact design
  • The quickest and the most energy efficient way to boost the IV: once the polymer is melted, it stays in the melt phase from extrusion until it becomes the final product

Layout example of an OMNIboost recycling system

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