Filter Elements

Filter Elements

For the production of high quality plastic melts, Gneuss not only supplies tailor-made filtration systems, but also filter elements optimized for each material type and application.

Back-flushing screens

Gneuss has developed a special back-flushing technology for fully-automatic filtration and reduction of filtration costs. This technology of a partial high-pressure back-flushing allows multiple usage of the filter elements. This leads to a high strain on the filter elements. In order to still guarantee the given filtration fineness, special techniques have to be applied and observed during the manufacture of the filter elements.

We can give you these guarantees,

  • because we only use wire cloth of highest quality and specifications with a clearly defined selectivity according to quality standards ISO 9001:2000.
  • because we only supply absolutely clean screens. This avoids that the melt purity is affected by new screens due to the fact that foreign particles or any other substances, such as oil, are introduced into the melt.
  • because we use our many years of experience to design these special screen packs.
  • because we give you professional and detailed advice on the use and exchange of the filter elements.