Fiber Manufacture

Fiber Manufacture

Highest purity — best quality

The demand for environment-friendly and economically sound production lines for synthetic fibers is increasing worldwide. The Extrusion System MRS fulfils both demands.

Gneuss extrusion lines are designed for manufacturing high quality fiber from PET postconsumer bottle flakes or from factory fiber waste with a wide range of different viscosities. Bicomponent (core / sheath etc.) staple fiber can for example be manufactured using the same input material and two different vacuum levels on two MRS extruders to deliver two melts with differing viscosities to the spinning beam.

Further applications for the MRS extruder include the processing of bottle flakes or production waste to carpet fiber (BCF) and nonwovens — also as bicomponent fibers. By using PET bottle flakes, raw material cost savings can be achieved. MRS based extrusion systems can be combined with any kind of typical fiber downstream equipment.

Advantages of Gneuss Technologies for Fiber Manufacture:

  • Uniform polymer discharge: no fluctuations and variations
  • High line availability
  • Stable IV even when processing materials with varying residual moisture levels
  • Different melt viscosities possible even when using the same input materials (viscosity can be set)
  • Controlled, consistent viscosity
  • Highest melt purity even when processing 100 % recycled material
  • Fine filtration 12 – 40 µm
  • Major energy savings