Pellets for high viscosity applications

The starting point is production waste from fibre, film and start-up lumps. These are size-reduced and if necessary agglomerated and fed to the MRS extruder through a metal detector where they are melted and devolatilised – volatile contaminants such as absorbed or surface water, spin finish oils or other processing oils are extracted. Solid contaminants are extracted with the Rotary Filtration System and by means of a booster pump, the mmelt PET is fed into the liquid phase IV boost system, JUMP. Agitating and mixing devices within the JUMP reactor also achieve – under a deep vacuum – high polymer melt surface exchange rates and so achieve a set IV. The viscosity is adjusted by means of the Online Viscometer in combination with the process control system. The polymer melt is pumped out of the vacuum, through a further Rotary Filtration System for fine filtration and is then pelletised.