Pellets for further processing

The light bulk density production waste from fibre, film and start up waste are taken in tangled, non-flowing form and fed into a shredder where they are size reduced to a form which can be fed to an extruder. The material is transported by means of a conveyor belt via a metal detector into an intermediate buffer container with an agitator. From there, the voluminous material is fed by means of a dosing auger and crammer feeder into the extruder. The material is melted, devolatilised and decontaminated in the extruder. Volatile contaminants such as water or oils are extracted. Solid contaminants are extracted from the melt by the Rotary Filtration System. After pelletizing, the pellets / chips which have been purified from volatile and solid contaminants, can be used to replace virgin material in the manufacture of film, sheet, fibre, strapping tape etc..