MRS 控制系统



  • 整条生产线的加热控制
  • 挤出机驱动
  • 熔体泵驱动
  • 所有压力测量
  • 真空系统
  • 在线粘度计
  • 熔体过滤系统
  • 喂料螺杆
  • 造粒

The individual integration of the interfaces and Bus systems permits the communication of control systems from various suppliers. Data transfer within the MRS control system is divided into 3 Bus systems.
The measurements on the extruder are gathered centrally and are transferred to the PLC via CanBus or Profibus. In this way, only two data cables are necessary, instead of the conventional cable bundle.
This technology keeps the level of installation and maintenance to a minimum. Communication within the control cabinet is handled by the Profibus DP protocol.

The MRS can be supplied with a telemaintenance facility via the internet. The telemaintenance client is integrated in the customer network and when required, connects with the Gneuss server. In this way, the security of the customer’s network is protected.

监控 4.0

  • 加工/生产数据登陆
  • 通过远程分析错误和解决问题
  • 通过微型手机或平板连接HMI