Gneuss control system

The control system is a key element in any extrusion line. Today, a control system is expected to link all the line components together in an efficient and operator friendly central system.

Gneuss developed the control system in order to take effective advantage of all the measurement data and set points provided. The various line components are linked together by the control system to a central operating system. Changes in the process are identified immediately and if necessary, can be corrected. The production data is stored for later diagnosis or documentation and is processed by the control system to trends with history function. Most extruder operators will find that working with the lean, user- friendly operating system is intuitive with little need for explanation. Only a few clicks on the touchscreen monitor are necessary to get the line into production.

The standard control system hardware and software supports the following line components:

  • Heater controls for the complete line
  • Extruder drive
  • Melt pump drive
  • All melt pressure measurements
  • Vacuum system
  • Online viscometer
  • Rotary Melt Filtration System
  • Dosing
  • Downstream equipment

The measurements on the extruder are gathered centrally and are transferred to the PLC via Bus systems. In this way, only few data cables are necessary, instead of the conventional cable bundle.

The individual integration of the interfaces and Bus systems permits the communication of control systems from various suppliers. Data transfer within the extruder control system is divided into 3 Bus systems.

This technology keeps the level of installation and maintenance to a minimum. Communication within the control cabinet is handled by the Profibus or Profinet protocol.

The extrusion lines can be supplied with a telemaintenance facility via the internet. The telemaintenance client is integrated in the customer network and when required, connects with the Gneuss server. In this way, the security of the line network is protected.

Monitoring 4.0

  • Process / production data logging
  • Fault analysis and solving via remote access
  • Access to HMI via smartphone or tablet