Gneuss Control System

The control of a machine or system component plays a key role in plastics processing. Today, the control linking of several system components is generally an essential prerequisite.

In order to efficiently utilize the large amount of measurement data and target values that are relevant to the production, Gneuss offers a state of the art control system. The system components are combined into a central user interface. In this way, changes in the process can be quickly identified and corrected if necessary. The production data is continuously stored for later diagnosis and processed by the software as a trend with history function.

Thanks to a streamlined user interface with self-explanatory symbols, the control system can easily be understood by any operator. Just a few “clicks” on the large 22-inch touchscreen are required to start the extrusion system.

The control system monitors all key components

In terms of hardware and software, the control system supports the measurement and control of the following system components:

  • Heater controls for the complete system
  • Pressure measurements of the complete system
  • 3C Rotary Feeder
  • Extruder
  • Melt pump
  • Vacuum system
  • Online viscometer
  • Rotary melt filtration system
  • Dosing
  • Granulation

The central collection of measuring points on the extruder and their transmission to the PLC control system via bus systems replaces an extensive cable network between the machine and the control system with only a few data cables.

The individual integration of different interfaces and bus systems enables communication between various manufacturers and control systems. The data exchange of the extruder control system is divided into three bus systems.

This technology reduces installation and maintenance costs to a minimum. Communication in the control cabinet takes place via Profibus or Profinet.

Remote maintenance of the Gneuss control system via the Internet is optional. The remote maintenance client is integrated into the customer’s network and establishes a connection to the Gneuss server if required. The security of the machine/plant network is guaranteed by this concept.

Monitoring 4.0: The innovative control system by Gneuss

The Gneuss plant control system provides you with an optimum solution for the efficient control and linking of your production plants.

Here is an overview of selected key functions:

  • Process / production data logging
  • Fault analysis and solving via remote access
  • Access to HMI via smartphone or tablet

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