Extruder manufacturer: Efficient solutions for the plastics industry

As a well-known extruder manufacturer, Gneuss specializes in the design and development of high-quality equipment for the plastics industry. Our customized solutions enable companies to optimize their production processes and make them more efficient. With many years of experience and a team of experts, we offer innovative technologies and reliable products that meet our customers’ highest requirements.

Gneuss extrusion systems – flexible GPUs for various applications

Gneuss extrusion lines are used in a wide range of applications. Whether you manufacture plastic sheet, film, fibers, profiles, pipes, hoses or other products – we can offer you an optimized solution. As an experienced extruder manufacturer we understand the diverse requirements of different industries. Therefore, with the Gneuss Process Units (GPUs), which are modularly assembled from various Gneuss products and technologies, we have created high-performance extrusion lines for the production of high-quality end products:


MRS Extruder

The patented MRS Extrusion System offers completely new possibilities with regard to the efficient devolatilization and decontamination of polymer melts.

Vacuum Technology

The vacuum system plays a key role in the devolatilization process.

Control Technology

The control system is an important element in any extrusion line.

Online Viscometer VIS

The Online Viscometer not just monitors but in combination with upstream equipment can also control the melt viscosity in real time.

Elevate your manufacturing with the many benefits of our extruders

We attach great importance to the flexibility and adaptability of the GPU. Therefore, we offer optimal solutions that meet the individual needs and requirements of our customers. Gneuss process units can be integrated into existing extrusion lines or operated as stand-alone systems.

With GPUs, plastics processers can benefit from numerous advantages, including improved product quality, higher production speeds, optimized process efficiency and increased sustainability through the use of recycled materials. Gneuss’ innovative extruders help optimize production processes and strengthen our customers’ competitiveness.

Extruder manufacturer for high quality solutions

Gneuss extruders are reliable, efficient and durable. By using advanced control technology and automated processes we enable optimal utilization of resources and minimization of waste. As an extruder manufacturer, we recognize the importance of sustainable production and therefore focus on energy-efficient solutions that reduce our customers’ environmental footprint. With years of expertise and commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, we help processors worldwide to optimize their production processes and manufacture high-quality end products.

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