MRSpure extruder

The MRSpure extruder is based on the technology of the Gneuss MRS extruder (Multi Rotation System), but separates the melting process from the degassing process. With the MRS technology, the polymer melt is delivered into a large single screw drum. The drum contains several small extruder barrels, parallel to the main screw axis. Installed in these small extruder barrels are the satellite screws, which are driven by a ring gear in the main barrel. The satellite screws rotate in the opposite direction to the main screw while they rotate around the screw axis.  This increases the surface exchange of the melt disproportionately. This unique MRS technology enables extremly efficient and gentle decontamination of heavily contaminated materials without pre-drying and thus even compliance with global food contact standards.


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Design of the MRSpure extruder

In contrast to the standard MRS, the MRSpure extruder has a melting extruder upstream of the MRS  element. This means that the two process steps “plasticizing” and “degassing/ deodorizing/ decontamination” are decoupled in terms of process technology, so that the process parameters can be optimized individually for each process step. Depending on the requirements placed on the plasticizing process, a single or twin-screw extruder can be used. This makes it possible to retrofit the MRSpure into an existing system and use it for degassing and decontamination tasks. The MRSpure is used in particular for highly viscous and complex polymers and their mixtures. Typical applications include closed-loop recycling of HDPE bottle caps, HDPE milk bottles or LDPE waste and mixtures of different polymers. Various international food approvals confirm the high cleaning efficiency (super-clean), even for direct contact with food. This also allows this technology to be used for the recycling of packaging products in the cosmetics industry.

MRSpure Extruderthroughput rate
PET35 – 2.000 kg/h
PP + PE25 – 1.600 kg/h
PA28 – 1.900 kg/h
PS30 – 1.500 kg/h

Advantages of the MRSpure extruder

  • Decoupling of plasticizing and degassing/ decontamination/ deodorizing
  • Free choice of plasticizing technology
  • Use as a downstream degassing system after an existing extruder (retrofit)
  • Individual optimization of the separate process steps enables maximum flexibility
  • Optimum degassing/deodorizing/decontamination
  • Broad processing spectrum
  • Wide range of materials

Application examples

  • HDPE bottle caps
  • HDPE milk bottles
  • HDPE shampoo or shower gel bottles
  • LDPE waste
  • Processing of PS, PP, PE, PET, PLA, PA and many more

  Technical Data MRSpure extruder

  Technical Data MRSpure extruder US