Gneuss pelletizing lines guarantee high-quality pellets

The innovative OMNI recycling systems from Gneuss are used to produce high-quality plastic pellets from industrial and post-consumer waste. These recycled pellets are characterized by their high quality and purity, which can also be used for food packaging thanks to the MRS extrusion process.

The MRS extruder processes undried, untreated polyester bottle regrind as well as shredded and agglomerated polyester waste directly into pellets. The extruder gently melts the regrind and polyester waste and cleans the melt of volatile components such as water, oils and other impurities. The surface of the melt is intensively exchanged and broken up in the multi-screw section, so that even with a simple vacuum there is a high level of decontamination with various food approvals and only a small, controlled reduction in viscosity.

Optionally, in combination with the JUMP reactor or a short SSP, the viscosity can be specifically increased if required. The intensive mixing in the multi-rotation element also ensures that additives are introduced evenly. After subsequent pelletizing, the high-quality pellets can be used as a substitute for virgin material.

Various applications of our pelletizing lines

Abfall zu Granulat
Industrial Waste Recycling

Production waste from film, fibre and also post-consumer bottle flakes are processed to high quality pellets / chips with a high level of purity and can be blended with virgin material in the production extruder.

Bottle to Bottle Recycling

The outstanding features of the MRS extruder and the rotary filtration systems also come into their own when processing PET bottle flakes into food-safe recycled pellets.

Compounding Technology

In Gneuss compounding systems additives are gently introduced into the polymer melt with the help of a suspension, ensuring extremely homogeneous dispersion.

Advantages of Gneuss recycled pellets

  • Wide range of pellet properties such as amorphous, crystalline or highly viscous crystalline possible
  • Uniform, homogeneous pellets
  • Precise viscosity adjustment adapted to the application requirements
  • Realization of any mixing ratios
  • Effective mixing of even the finest particles
  • Decontamination of impurities, oils and odors
  • Food contact compliance and approvals from global brand owners for up to 100% bottle flakes
  • High transparency, low yellow value
  • Significant energy savings

Sustainable closed-loop economy with Gneuss pelletizing lines

Gneuss pelletizing lines with recycling and compounding technologies make a significant contribution to promoting a closed loop. This resource-saving approach makes it possible to recycle waste efficiently. At the same time it is possible to manufacture high-quality products from plastic pellets that are also suitable for food packaging. The use of innovative technologies not only ensures the purity of the recycled pellets, but also leads to significant energy savings.

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