Leading Technologies for Polymer Processing and Recycling

In addition to unique technologies, systems and components for plastics processing, Gneuss also offers complete turnkey solutions for the production of high quality sheet, strapping, fiber and pellets.

Since its founding in 1983, Gneuss has grown to become a worldwide technology leader for the extrusion of polymers and the reprocessing of all kinds of polymers.

Based in Bad Oeynhausen, Germany, Gneuss is committed to the expectations of products “made in Germany” while serving our customers world-wide.

A technology center for processing technical trials and development work is available at Gneuss´ headquarters in Bad Oeynhausen. Additional pilot lines are available for trials at our subsidiary, Gneuss Inc. in the USA and at our cooperation partner, SysTech in Japan.

OMNI Recycling Lines


The OMNI plastic recycling line processes industrial and post-consumer waste from polymers of all types.



The OMNImax plastic recycling line can process industrial and post-consumer waste with low viscosities.


The OMNIboost plastic recycling line processes industrial and post-consumer PET waste directly into high-quality high IV end products.

Polymer and extrusion technologies

Extrusion technology

Gneuss’ Extrusion Systems offer new possibilities in the venting or devolatilization of polymer melts. 

Filtration technology

The patented Rotary Filtration Systems and screen changers enable fully automatic, process and pressure constant filtration.


Polyreaction Technology

Gneuss‘ Polyreaction Technology reprocesses post-consumer, fiber and industrial PET waste to high value products.


Measurement technology

Gneuss Melt Pressure and Temperature Sensors are characterized by their extremely high precision, combined with a high degree of robustness.

Turnkey Solutions

Sheet Lines

Gneuss sheet extrusion lines are flexible and can be operated with recycled material and / or virgin material. Sheet made from recycled material is suitable for food contact applications.

Strapping Lines

With Gneuss PET strapping lines, polyester strapping tape with a high tensile strength can be manufactured from 100 % recycled material.

Pelletizing Lines

Gneuss pelletizing systems produce excellent quality pellets, which are thanks to the MRS extrusion process already suitable for processing to food contact products.

Recyclinganlage Fasern
Fiber & Filaments

Undried PET post-consumer bottle flakes or production waste with different viscosities can be processed into high-quality fibers.

Degassing & Decontamination of PS / PE / PP / PA

The Gneuss MRS extrusion concept is used in different applications for devolatilization and decontamination of polymers. 

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