PET pellets reprocessed to the highest quality

Gneuss pelletising systems produce excellent quality pellets, which are already suitable for processing to food contact products thanks to the MRS extrusion process.


Technical options:

  • Underwater pelletizing (amorphous, spherical pellets)
  • Underwater strand pelletizing (amorphous, cylindrical pellets)
  • Strand pelletizing in an open water bath (amorphous, cylindrical pellets)
  • Direct crystallisation
  • JUMP reactor 
  • Continuous SSP with consistent in- and output quality
  • Discontinuous SSP with varying qualities

The MRS extruder processes undried PET bottle flake without any pre-treatment directly into pellets. The polymer melt is intensively and rapidly exchanged in the multiple screw section of the extruder. The huge surface area is exchanged at an unparalleled rate so that even with a moderate vacuum level of 25 to 40 mbar in the degassing section, contaminants are efficiently evaporated out of the melt. A letter of Non Objection (LNO) from the FDA underlines the decontamination efficiency. If, in order to boost the intrinsic viscosity (IV) a JUMP reactor or a downstream solid state polymerisation system (SSP) is used, this can be specified far shorter than otherwise necessary as the extruder has already carried out the decontamination of the bottle flakes. The end product is of especially high quality with regard to transparency and yellowness.

Advantages of the Gneuss bottle to bottle recycling lines:

  • Decontamination of volatiles, oils and odors
  • Letter of non Objection (LNO) from the FDA, EFSA conformity and local certification together with certification from major global brand owners for direct food contact
  • Extraction of residual monomers
  • Uniform, homogeneous pellets
  • Amorphous, crystallized or highly viscous crystallized pellets
  • Constant, adjustable IV Level
  • Effective dispersion of fine particles
  • High transparency, low yellowness
  • Major energy savings


PET in Rotation
Kunststoffe international 10/2011
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