The KSF screen changer – The Ultimate System for Bespoke Solutions

The KSF screen changer is a continuous, process constant and automatic screen changer which differs from all its Gneuß siblings in that the rotary disc is equipped with circular cavities. These have removable breaker plates as standard.
The combination of the rotary disc with circular cavities enables a huge amount of design freedom when it comes to matching the screen changer to an extruder. The screen changer can be individually designed so that it is an extension of the extruder, the melt flow paths can be made extremely short and streamlined.
The main application for the KSF screen changer is in compounding applications, it is ideal for processes whereby the material is especially sensitive cross-linked, chemical foaming agent, for PVC and for applications in which extremely fast colour or grade changes are necessary. The screen changer can be equipped with a hydraulic breaker plate ejector for fast, safe and easy replacement of the breaker plates.


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Key Features

  • Prozess constant
  • Automatic
  • Extremely short and efficient melt flow through the screen changer
  • Equipped with removable breaker plates as standard
  • Extremely adaptable:
    • ideal basis for bespoke solutions for integration with the extruder
    • Special measures for corrosive, extremely residence time sensitive polymers etc. can easily be included

Advantages of the KSF System

  • Customer / Application – Specific Individual Designs
    The configuration of the melt channel and the design of the screen changer housing are ideal for individual, customer-specific solutions, for example the inlet side can be configured as an extension of the extruder barrel for both twin and single screw extruders. The screen changer is then effectively an extension of the extruder. On the outlet side, pelletising dies can be attached directly to the screen changer, saving adapter flanges, and keeping the polymer flow and residence time short.
  • Adaptable
    Due to the wide range of customisation possible, the KSF screen changer can be applied to a wide range of specialised applications, including PVC, cross-linkable materials, and those where frequent and extreme material grade and colour changes are carried out.
  • Process-Constant
    The screen changer operates automatic, pressure and time dependent, bump-free operation with no pressure spikes during screen changes (no reduction of the active filtration area during changes). The pre-filling/air bleeding of incoming cavities likewise takes place automatically.
  • Rugged
    The KSF permits individual designs like no other screen changer: not only can the breaker plates be made of different materials and with different treatment to the screen changer itself, but the melt channel can also be designed with removable, interchangeable sleeves with a practically free selection of materials and surface treatments/coatings – ideal for abrasive or corrosive materials.
  • User Friendly
    The KSF can be provided with a hydraulic breaker plate ejector. If the materials being processed mean that manual cleaning of the melt channel is a necessity, the screen changer can be designed so that all the parts in contact with the melt can be quickly and easily removed for cleaning.
    The cavities in which the breaker plates are located, the rotary disc are relatively shallow, if low viscosity polymers are processed, the volume of material which drains out when the breaker plate emerges is negligible.
Technical Data KSFmetric units US units        
active screen area16 – 705 cm²2 – 109 in²               
max. pressure250 – 450 bar3,600 – 6,600 psi
heatingelectric or liquidelectric or liquid
throughput75 – 3.314 kg/h166 – 13,200 lbs/h