KSF Series: Compact and continuous

The Rotary Filters KF and KSF are simpler continuous screen changers based on the proven concept of the Rotary Filtration Technology. These filter systems are especially suitable for high pressure applications and frequent material changes.


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The advantages of  KSF screen changers

  • Compact 
    The small and compact design of the Rotary Filtration Systems makes simple and cost-efficient integration possible even in a very confined space.
  • Sturdy 
    The metallic sealing system is highly wear-resistant. It guarantees leak-free operation even with low viscosity melts up to 500 bar.
  • Streamlined
    The rheology of the melt channel and the inner parts of the screen changer can be individually adjusted to the specific requirements. These screen changers are also perfectly suitable for thermally sensitive polymers such as PVC.
  • Straightforward
    A screen change can be initiated automatically without the need to stop production.

KSFx2 screen changer with double active area


The KSFx2 Filtration System is characterized by rheologically optimized melt flow channels absolutely free from dead spots. The channels are matched individually to the respective filtration task. When the pressure upstream of the filter increases due to contamination of the screen and the selected pressure value is reached, a screen change is carried out automatically. 
During screen changes, polymer flows briefly over 3 screen cavities, thereby avoiding pressure spikes and consequently avoiding process disturbances. It is possible to remove the breaker plates during screen changes and replace them with clean plates. This is especially important for thermally sensitive materials, to make sure that always a 100 % clean cavity and breaker plate enter into the melt flow.

Technical Data KFmetric units US units        
active screen area16 – 240 cm²2.5 – 37 in²               
max. pressure500 bar7,500 psi
throughput100 – 2.000 kg/h220 – 4,400 lbs/h
Technical Data KSFmetric units US units        
active screen area7 – 960 cm²2.2 – 150 in²               
max. pressure250 – 500 bar3,000 – 7,500 psi
heatingelectric or liquidelectric or liquid
throughput35 – 7.900 kg/h154 – 35,200 lbs/h
Technical Data KSFx2metric units US units        
active screen area32 – 1.410 cm²5 – 220 in²               
max. pressure200 – 350 bar2,800 – 7,100 psi
heatingelectric or liquidelectric or liquid
throughput200 – 12.000 kg/h450 – 35,000 lbs/h