Homogeneous melt guarantees highest tensile strength

With Gneuss PET strapping lines, polyester strapping tape with a high tensile strength can be manufactured from 100 % recycled material. While eliminating time and energy intensive drying and crystallisation of the PET bottle flake, which is needed with conventional single and twin screw extruders, strapping tape made on the MRS extruder has equivalent properties in terms of tensile strength, stretch and splitting. Additionally, the highly efficient vacuum devolatilising system ensures high melt purity with a considerably lower monomer and oligomer content than with conventional technologies, so that the risk of strap breaks and weak points in the straps during production are greatly reduced.


Technical options:

  • Strap accumulator for changing
  • Automatic roll change
  • With and without embossing / wax coating
  • Automatic printing

Advantages of Gneuss strapping tape lines

  • Homogeneous melt even with variable quality recycled material
  • High molecular weight and narrow molecular weight distribution spectrum –
    high tensile strength even with poor quality bottle flake
  • Direct processing from 100 % recycled material in one processing step
  • No need for cooled dosing feeder for polyolefin additives
  • High line availability
  • Major energy savings thanks to elimination of pre-drying and crystallising


Gneuss Strapping Tape Line in Dubai

CONSENT Plastic: production of PET strapping tapes from bottle flakes without pre-drying or crystallization

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