Pilot line for your trials

In addition to the MRS System, systems with twin and single screw extruders with practically every possibility for material preparation and analysis are available. All the processing data including the viscosity are permanently monitored and can be visualized during running.

For these tests, our experienced and skilled staff is at your disposal so you can take advantage of Gneuss high quality standards. All lab lines are equipped with an extensive measurement data recording system and can also be equipped with a melt pump. Our online viscosimeter is available for determining the melt viscosity. The materials are usually processed to strip or strand pellets.

Trial objectives: examples

  • Determination of the necessary flux-rate (throughput per screen area) in order to specify the filter size. Important data for this are e.g. the maximum pressure consumption or the necessary screen area capacity.
  • Determination of the melt purity that can be reached or is necessary. An examination of the filtered and pelletized material with regard to the achieved quality can be carried out in our laboratory or in your company. An analysis of the dirt cake, i.e. the contamination, is also possible.
  • Determination of the optimum filter specifications for very quick material and color changes.
  • Production of larger quantities of test material for test purposes. The aim is a quality improvement and testing its influence on the end product.
  • Trials to test the devolatilization or introduction of gases from or into polymer melts with the Gneuss MRS Extruder, e.g. direct processing of PET bottle flakes without crystallization or pre-drying or e.g. decontamination of heavily contaminated material.

Together with you, tests are planned for your materials and your specific problems. Let us set up a trial for you!

Representatives of your company are of course always welcome to attend any tests. They then have the possibility to actively contribute to the tests and to check the functionality and suitability of our Rotary Filtration Systems.

Afterwards, all test data and findings are summarized in a test report, including any examinations of filtered pellets or of the dirt cake.