Sensors and measurement technology – highest quality from Gneuss’ production facilities

Gneuss sensors are manufactured entirely in-house in Germany, which makes a particularly fast and flexible production possible. This also allows individual customer requirements to be taken into account and at the same time guarantees continuous technical development of the products. Gneuss’ comprehensive support ensures that customers can always count on competent help and quality products in measurement and sensor technology.

The online shop: Order high-quality sensors and measurement technology now

Gneuss’ online shop is a platform that provides all relevant information on all Gneuss measurement technology products at any time. The platform makes it easy to configure and compare different sensors in order to find the right solution for individual requirements. In addition to easy ordering and worldwide accessibility, the store offers users attractive price advantages with special promotions and online discounts, while a traffic light system also shows stock availability.

Pressure Transducers

DA klein

Melt pressure transducer with standardized output signal.

DAI klein

Melt pressure transducer with integrated amplifier.

DAI klein

Melt pressure transducer for rough operating conditions.


Pressure transducer with standardized output signal
and integrated temperature measurement.


Pressure transmitter with integrated amplifier and integrated temperature measurement.


Melt pressure transducer with heated sensor tip.


Pressure transmitter with integrated amplifier and heated sensor tip.


Explosion-proof pressure transmitter.

DAI klein

Safety pressure sensor with analog signal and switch output.


Safety pressure sensor with analog output, switching output and integrated temperature measurement.

Digital communication with IO-LINK technology

Gneuss pressure sensors can be equipped with the advanced IO-Link technology, which enables a globally standardized digital connection of sensors and actuators. This technology offers direct point-to-point communication that is independent of manufacturers and is widely used in industrial automation technology.

Digital Gneuss pressure sensors with IO-Link offer numerous advantages, such as monitoring the operating temperature, recording the operating hours under various load conditions, automatic messages for test intervals and a digital nameplate for precise sensor identification. These features contribute to increased safety, flexibility and availability of the systems. With IO-Link, users can maximize the performance of their sensors while simplifying maintenance and monitoring, resulting in optimized operational performance and longevity of their sensors and measurement technology.

Temperature Sensors

tf-cx klein

Temperature sensor with ceramic isolation.

tf-mx klein

Temperature sensor all-metal design.

Additional products in sensor and measurement technology

Safety Systems

With the safety system EPM, the use of stretch bolts, fail safe components, rupture discs or movement sensors can be avoided.


The DMV 4000 series provides accurate measurement of melt pressure sensor output and extremely user-friendly.


Useful and helpful accessories for the measuring technology.

Innovative measurement technology – advantages of Gneuss sensors

  • Customized solutions
  • Made in Germany
  • Robust and precise design for a long service life
  • Global shipping
  • User-friendly online store
  • Fast and flexible delivery around the clock
  • Mercury-free as standard
  • Reliable repair service
  • Quality assurance through certification according to ISO 9001 standards
  • Compatibility with all other common brands

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