DAIL – Safety pressure sensor with analog signal and switch output

The DAIL fulfills the requirements of EN 1114-1 for overpressure protection of extrusion lines and offers maximum comfort of operation.

The auto-zero function enables calibration directly on the device or from the observation point/controller. On the output side, the melt pressure transmitter provides a switch output in addition to the analog signal which enables switching off the machine in case of overpressure according to EN 13849-1, PL=c.

Gneuss sensor DAIL

  • Switch output for overpressure protection
  • Switch-off pressure freely selectable
  • Analog output mA, V or IO-Link
  • Performance Level c according to EN13849
  • TÜV certified
  • G-coating to counteract adhesive materials
  • Compatible with common OEM sensors
  • Longlife design

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DTAIL – Safety pressure sensor with analog output, switching output and integrated temperature measurement

The DTAIL defines the industry standard in combination with temperature measurement. One process connection suffices to measure both values.

The unit excels in its high quality workmanship and cost efficiency. Its absolute reproducibility and stable measuring values contribute to our measurement accuracies.

Gneuss sensor DTAIL

  • Liquid filled measuring system
  • Maximum reliability through new membrane technology
  • Standard G-coating to counteract adhesive materials
  • Combined pressure and temperature measurement
  • Robust design with G-Armor flexible components
  • Applications with process medias of up to 400°C (750°F) possible
  • Pressure ranges from 0-50 and 0-2.000 bar (0-725 to 29,000 psi) available
  • Stable output signals
  • Longlife Design
  • Integrated temperature measurement

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EPM – protection against over pressure for extrusion lines

Throughout the world, the requirements on plastics and rubber machines with regard to safety protection against over pressure are increasing.

With the Gneuss safety system EPM, the use of stretch bolts, fail safe components, rupture discs or movement sensors can be avoided.

Extruders, melt pumps or components which are under pressure can be protected against excess pressure by the EPM safety system, with a duplicated and monitored pressure measurement. The safety-relevant components of the monitoring system conform to EN ISO 13849 -1, with a performance level of ´c´.

In addition to the pressure monitoring / cut out function, the pressure monitoring system contains safety features such as emergency stop or protection monitoring.

Technical Report EPM
PDF-Download (422 KB)

Gneuss Solution: Safety System EPM

  • Designed according to EN1114 -1
  • Redundant sensors 4…20 mA
  • Safe analogue inputs
  • Self-monitoring
  • 4…20 mA signal for pressure evaluation
  • Fail-safe relay outputs
  • Optional Bus interface