Sheet Lines

Gneuss sheet extrusion lines are flexible and can be operated with recycled material and / or virgin material. Sheet made from recycled material is suitable for food contact applications.

Strapping lines

With Gneuss PET strapping lines, polyester strapping tape with a high tensile strength can be manufactured from 100 % recycled material.

Pelletizing lines

Gneuss pelletizing systems produce excellent quality pellets, which are thanks to the MRS extrusion process already suitable for processing to food contact products.

Recyclinganlage Fasern
Fiber & Filaments

Undried PET post-consumer bottle flakes or production waste with different viscosities can be processed into high-quality fibers.

Degassing and decontamination of PS / PE / PP / PA

The Gneuss MRS extrusion concept is used in different applications for devolatilization and decontamination of polymers.