Join our live, interactive online demonstration of this innovative 700 kg/h. production line:

► 100 % PET Post-Consumer Bottle Flakes
► Excellent Molecular Distribution
► No Pre-Drying
► Excellent Additive Distribution 
► No Crystallising
► Simple, Low-Maintenance Water Ring Vacuum Pump
► No Thermal Pre-Treatment (= no cooling of additives necessary)
► Only One Melt Pump Necessary 
► High Tensile Strength

The Event
On October 1st, you will have the opportunity to see an innovative new, complete dryerless 700 kg/h. line for PET strapping tape, running with PET bottle flakes in production in an interactive online presentation.

Live Viewing
You are interested in taking part in this interesting Online Presentation? We offer you the opportunity to take part with practically any device and without the need to download any software. You will see the line in operation and will have the opportunity to ask questions.

We can also arrange individual visits so that you can see the line in operation personally. The location is in Italy. If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact us individually or fill out the form at the bottom of this webpage.

Successful Cooperation
The cooperation between SIMA and Gneuss benefits from the expertise and experience of both companies. SIMA and Gneuss are able to offer the most advanced MRS dryerless technology worldwide for processing PET bottle flakes to strapping tape. The line will also be equipped with an innovative, fully-automatic take up winder from Dietze-Schell and is rounded off by a unique, fully automatic accumulator for the tapes which prepares, packs and delivers them in finished rolls from the machine.

Line Layout:

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Here in Dubai, we operate the worldwide one and only line for making PET strapping tape from PET post-consumer bottle flakes without the complicated and expensive process of pre-drying or crystallising the material. The word has spread in our industry and several of our competitors have already asked us about this technology. With the new strapping tape line based on the Gneuss MRS extruder, we were able to not only improve our product quality but also to reduce our costs.

Maheshwar Akkala
Divisional Manager, Consent Plastic


CONSENT Plastic:
production of PET strapping tape from post-consumer bottle flakes without pre-drying or crystallisation