Essential Accessories for Optimal Measurement Performance

Insert bushing adaptors

Insert bushing adaptors allow the installation of a 1/2 20 UNF sensor in existing M18 hole locations. These adaptors allow flexibility and increased availibility of sensors necessary for your installation. There is no need for special tools, where a standard threadcutting tool M24 or M16 is sufficient to make the drillings.

 Pressure simulators

The Gneuss circuit bridge simulator simulates the output of a melt pressure transducer in 3.33 mV/V or 2 mV/V selectable. The simulator has an internal circuit bridge of 350 Ohm, based on the strain gage principle and is available in 6-pin, 8-pin, or 98 version connector styles. Other features include a standard internal calibration function relating to 80% of full scale value.

Bush fitting tool

For fitting and removing insert bushes it is advisable to use a tool with an accurate fit. The bush fitting tool is designed specifically for this purpose. It enables the maximum amount of torque to be applied without damaging the bush..

Bore cleaning tool

Deposits on the sealing surfaces and threads of the sensor bore often lead to damage to the sensor or careless fitting. It is therefore advisable to clean the bore before fitting the sensor. The cleaning tool scrapes the plastic deposits from the sealing surfaces and cleans and re-cuts the thread.

Blanking plugs

Blanking plugs serve to block off the sensor bores where no sensor is used. The high precision fit ensures that the tip sits flush with the melt channel and that there is no leakage.

Available dimensions

  • 1/2″20UNF 2A
  • M18x1,5
  • M10x1

Total length

  • 70mm – 320mm
  • Material: 1.4305. Hastelloy available on request.

 Connecting cables for pressure and temperature

Gneuss standard connecting cables have a cable socket on one side for connection to the sensor. All standard connecting cables can be supplied from stock with the following lengths: 3; 5; 7,5 and 10 m. Special configurations of the measurement cables can be supplied on request and for special requirements (e.g. high-temperature design).

Connecting plugs for pressure and temperature

Gneuss pressure transducers and temperature sensors are connected via high-quality, sturdy and reliable plug connections. Gold contacts, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and safe locking technology are standard.

Heater controller system for dap melt pressure transducer

The DAP Melt Pressure Transducer is equipped with a heated tip. In this way, the capillary can be heated up or maintained under temperature so that it can be removed without the risk of damage, even if the extrusion line has been switched off and cooled down. The heater controller for the DAP Melt Pressure Transducer can be supplied in either a portable design, or for integration into a control panel. If required, the controller can be configured to heat several DAP Melt Pressure Transducers with only one power supply.

Pressure transducer testing unit CCS 1000

In the rough-and-tumble of production conditions, it is quite common for melt pressure transducers to become damaged, but without this damage having an adverse effect on the accuracy of the unit. This can simply and quickly be checked by using our testing unit. In cases of doubt, it enables inaccuracies in the melt pressure measurement to be excluded. Further, this testing unit can be used as certified testing means in accordance with the ISO 9001 standard. The adaptor supplied with the unit makes it possible to test all pressure transducers with thread 1/2-2OUNF-2A and M18x1,5.

Technical Data

  • Measuring range: 0-1000 bar
  • Max. pressure: 1300 bar
  • Accuracy: 0,25 %
  • Pressure creation: adaptable with spider
  • Fine pressure adjusting: side-hand wheel
  • Screw-in thread: 1/2″2OUNF 2A and M18 x 1,5
  • Dimensions: 290 x 190 x 110 mm
  • Weight: 8 kg
  • Acceptance certificate 3.1B

Information sheet
PDF Download (75 KB)

Heatable pressure calibrator PPS1210

Transportable testing unit for quick and easy testing of melt pressure transducers at operating temperature.
As the sensors are usually not operated at room temperature, the calibrator makes it possible to check the transducer’s functions under realistic operating conditions.

Technical Data

  • Measuring range 0-700 bar
  • Maximum pressure 770 bar
  • Accuracy class: +/- 0,05 % FS
  • Heatable up to approx. 250°C
  • Temperature control of the pressure port heating with integrated PID controller
  • Supply voltage 230 VAC
  • Dimensions (length x width x height) approx. 470 x 170 x 280
  • Weight approx. 7.2 kg