Typical applications are e.g.:
Color masterbatch, stabilizer, lubricants, fillers

  • Typical materials: PET, PA, PC, PE, PP, PS
  • Common throughputs up to 1.000 kg/h
  • Filtration finenesses down to 10 µm

In the manufacture of masterbatch, in addition to the removal of solid and gel-like inhomogeneities, filtration must assure permanent process and product consistency. This is necessary in order to avoid pressure spikes during screen changes, impairing the material quality and tearing strands at the die. Because color and material changes regularly take place, the filtration system has to offer the necessary features. For this, Gneuss Filtration Systems offer tailor-made solutions and make continuous cost reductions in the production process, combined with top product qualities, possible.

The advantages of Rotary Filtration

  • No undispersed color agglomerates in the end product
    Filtration not only avoids contamination of the end product by deposits, but also avoids the possibility of undispersed color agglomerates in the end product.
  • Constant quality
    Due to a consistent low and uniform pressure level, Gneuss Filtration Systems make a permanently constant quality level, without any compromises, possible.
  • Low operating costs
    With the fully-automatic filtration of the RSFgenius – with its high pressure cleaning of the filter elements – screens are automatically re-used 30 to 400 times (depending on the filtration fineness) without any additional costs.
  • No production interruptions, no machine downtime
    Changing screens of Gneuss Rotary Filtration Systems does not have any influence on the production process. Also, contamination deposits at the extruder head, which make a purging necessary, can be avoided with Gneuss Filtration Systems.
  • Material and color changes without any problems
    Gneuss Rotary Filtration Systems assure fast and simple color changes.