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The economic attraction of using PET bottle flakes in place of virgin material mainly depends on the efficient processing of the recycled material that is used. Melt filtration is a decisive aspect in this context. With more than 300 filtration systems sold for processing PET bottle flakes, Gneuss is one of the market leaders in this field. The unique Rotary Technology avoids the need for intermediate pelletizing and makes direct processing of recycled material into high quality final products such as sheet, fibre and film possible.

The advantages of Rotary Filtration

  • Improved product properties
    Due to process- and pressure-constant filtration, finer filtration of the melt can be achieved. This guarantees constant high quality and high line availability.
  • Short dwell time of the melt in the filtration system
    Due to the optimum rheological design of Gneuss Filtration Systems, the dwell time of the melt in the system is reduced and thus thermal stress is avoided.
  • Low operating costs
    With the fully-automatic filtration of the RSFgenius – with its high pressure cleaning of filter elements – screens are automatically re-used 100 to 400 times (depending on the filtration fineness) without any additional costs.
  • No production interruptions, no machine downtime
    Changing screens of Gneuss Rotary Filtration Systems does not have any influence on the production process, so that quality variations and strand breaks can be avoided.
  • Fully enclosed design
    Due to the fully enclosed design of the RSFgenius any influence from air during the filtration process is avoided. Danger to the personnel and environment is excluded at all times.