Gneuss Maintenance 4.0

Are you aware of our virtual maintenance service? By using the TeamViewer Pilot app, which accesses the camera mode of your smartphone, we can support you in real-time in maintaining your plant. In addition to an audio chat, we place virtual arrows on relevant positions. Our colleagues can support you worldwide, effectively and within seconds. All you need is a smartphone or tablet, the TeamViewer Pilot app, and a stable Internet connection.

Get connected with our service technicians in just three steps:


Download the TeamViewer Pilot app
In order to use Gneuss’ virtual maintenance service of Gneuss, you first have to download and install the app. The application is available on Google Play and in the App Store.




service-appInstallation and first time use
After successfully completing the installation, you will be shown an individual ID, which you should copy and remember.


GneussConnection to a Gneuss Service Technician
Share your individual ID with us to enable us to connect with you. You will hear the voice of a service technician, who will assist you in real-time with maintenance.


Our virtual maintenance solution in practice: